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    Mahtaisiko joku osata neuvoa jotain kätevää kikkakakkosta jolla saisi selvitettyä mikä on vikana kun X-Max (2009) penkki ei reagoi millään tavalla kun vääntä virtalukosta auki? Toimi aluksi mallikkaasti mutta yllättäen päätti luovuttaa. Mikä neuvoksi?

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    To open the seat you turn the key to the left in the ignition (rather than right like normal) and the seat catch should pop undone. You can then lift the seat up. Make sure you do NOT push on the key when you turn it otherwise it won't work.
    If it still doesn't open when you do this then something is probably stuck along the way. The lock works on a simple cable system, so should be easy to fix once you get at it. Take off the headlight cover at the front and you will be able to see it. The cable might just need relubricating - try spraying some silicone or WD40 in both ends and working it back and forwards.
    The seat can also sometimes get stuck if there is something inside jammed up against it. Make sure you don't try to squash too much into the compartment if this is the case!
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